Control Equipment Inc  


ECD (Electro Chemical Devices)

  pH and Conductivity Measurements

Ametek Drexelbrook

 Point & Continuous Level Measurement

J. M. Canty

 Process Lighting
 Surveillance Cameras
 Particle Sizing and Analysis

Sage Metering, Inc.

 Gas Mass Flow Measurement

Metso Automation

 Smart Pulp Consistency Transmitters
 Nove Pulp Samplers


 Process Refractometers

K-Tek Corporation

 Level, Pressure
 & Temperature Measurement

Sparling Instruments

 TigermagEP Magnetic Flowmeters
 Electronic Propeller Flowmeters
 Vortex Flowmeters

Smart Sensors


Thermo Process Instruments
(Thermo Fisher Scientific)

 Doppler Flow Measurement
 Nuclear Density & Level
 Paperless Recorders